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Naija Worldwide Charities build a foundation of self-reliance solutions for vulnerable women


Educational Programs


A primary function of NWC is to bring together those responsible for the educational process to create programs to match the needs of the youth in communities throughout Africa. NWC serves as a clearinghouse for information and for promoting a global understanding of educational issues facing Africa. NWC services are available to individuals, organizations, businesses and the community at-large. NWC seek to create opportunities that decrease unemployment among young adults in Africa; opportunity that help communities thrive with their own resources. Some of our services are:

  • Educational Initiatives- NWC provides information to individuals, communities and governments to address the growing concerns regarding continuous educational deficit and decline in the continent; devise measures to be taken to stem the tide. We create programs for family and community involvement in educational projects such as acquisition, repair, and maintenance.

  • Reading Room — Establish reading rooms or libraries throughout Nigeria, starting from the interior villages to the cities, stocking them with donated books including local language series, games and furniture to create a child-friendly learning environment. This will reduce the associated cost of sending children to school. These will also create a safe environment for the children to study and do research.

  • School Room — with more than 45% of Nigeria population made of those 0-17, it becomes very difficult to provide access to education for all. Most schools have 100 pupils to a teacher, lack water, electricity, and toilet facilities especially in rural areas. NWC partner with local communities to build schools so children can learn in a safe, child-friendly environment.

  • Girls Education — in many areas in Nigeria, the proportion of girls in school is much lower than that of boys ranging from 1 girl to 2 boys or even to 3 in most cases for cultural reasons. Even when children enroll in schools, many do not complete the primary circle, 30% drop out and only 54% transit to Junior Secondary Schools. We provide long-term, holistic support enabling girls to pursue and complete their secondary education.

  • Community Forums- NWC provide forums in which the communities in Africa and America could speak frankly and openly about educational issues that impact on them. NWC also provide channels for the discussion; devise workable solutions on the issues discussed