NAIJA Worldwide Charities History

Although officially incorporated in 2008, Naija Worldwide Charities has been in existence for a long time. We started out as an avenue to help those neighbors who were in need. The founder of Naija Worldwide Charities quickly got used to sharing. She was one of twelve children of parents who came from large families themselves where everything was shared to ensure no one went without. They were philanthropists and hospitable, who had an open door policy, which meant that whoever wandered into the home were fed and generally treated as part of the family. NWC's founder carried this tradition of being your brother's keeper into her own home and business. For almost a decade and half she had a daycare which she used to help those in need and parents also used it as an avenue to share their excess blessings. They would bring clothing, baby food, furniture, books, educational materials, computers, time and expertise so others may eat. This made it possible for NWC to do some good in our neighborhood and abroad.

We ask that you join us in making dreams come true by donating generously.

Our services and activities covers the Africa and the USA. We offer humanitarian services, such as during natural disasters, working with disadvantaged, homeless, victims of domestic and gang related violence as well as more.

We envision a day when everyone can have the education they deserve. How far will you go?

Where We Work

We work throughout Africa and also the United States. Follow our work and see what we do.