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Naija Worldwide Charities has sought to building a much needed hospital in Arochukwu


Healthcare Programs

Naija Worldwide Charities donates medical equipments, medicines and supplies to facilities in areas where they are urgently needed. These help save lives and provide a future for those who otherwise would not have had the chance. As an example of the work we do to ensure:
Access to Healthcare- Currently involved in the process of building a much needed all-inclusive hospital in Arochukwu, Abia State, in Eastern Nigeria which will serve as a model to other hospital projects, Naija Worldwide Charities is committed to ensuring access to healthcare for all. To this end, our ongoing fundraising supports the building of free community health clinics to offer those in need who would otherwise not have been able to afford it such as orphans, the elderly or their caregivers access to basic medical care. This will help bring about reduction to the rate of untimely infant and child mortality.
Our Goal: In Arochukwu, we already have the land on which to construct the hospital, which is the site of the old hospital, generously donated by the government. Our goal is to raise enough money to buy, building materials, medical supply and staffing. To reduce the building costs, the construction of the hospital will be done using community labor and local materials as well as volunteers.
Naija Worldwide Charities welcomes the generous support of hospitals, corporations, private sector organizations and individuals. We accept donations for medical supplies, medications, videos and texts.