Global Town Hall Initiative: African Women in Africa and the Diaspora: The New Partnership for Action

NWC in partnership with a global network of women successfully applied for, and was confirmed as a participant of the Civil Society Program, October 10, 2020 during the IMF/World Bank Annual General Meetings in Tokyo, Japan. The Global Town Hall serves as a catalyst for action. Our purpose is to provide a live platform that will encourage discussion on sustainable solutions to existing challenges and facilitate information sharing at the global level of successful action taken by women or in support of women in this regard. Our target is to get people from around the world to post 1 billion actions taken by 2015 to encourage sustainable peace and economic growth in Africa.

Global Women-Africa Network (GLOW) is a newly formed consortium of a diverse group of African women in the Diaspora and on the continent of Africa who on an individual basis have a proven history of implementing successful projects and programs on the continent. In an effort to contribute to the spirit of the African Renaissance, these women created a partnership to join their collective voices to share best practices, models and solutions for our commons problems and challenges throughout the continent.  This partnership has the potential to increase the exchange of knowledge, resources as well as relevant and sustainable technology.  Strengthening the relationship between African women in Africa and African women in the Diaspora is a winning combination, a new partnership for action. 

Naija Worldwide Charities (NWC), the host organization, legally registered as a 501C3 in the state of Maryland, USA, strives to build a foundation of self-reliance and lasting solutions for issues affecting the vulnerable - women, youth, and orphans - on a worldwide platform with special emphasis within the Continent of Africa.  NWC develops and support initiatives, projects, programs and services that provide essential resources – funding and relationships.   Naija Worldwide Charities vision is a community in which the basic needs of everyone are met irrespective of race, creed or religion.  NWC’s mission is to be able to change the lives of the under-privileged people around the world by providing access to education, healthcare, proper nutrition, and safe homes.