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Naija Worldwide Charities has sought to transform the lives of millions of children

Board of Directors


NWC Board and Officers

Based in the US with a global outreach, Naija Worldwide Charities is managed by a strong and dedicated team of people overseen by a Board of Directors, who possess unique talents and a shared sense of responsibility for the program’s success. One of the secrets to NWC’s great success is that many of our employees are intimately involved in our program; many of them have been with the organization since its inception and beyond.

Financial and Material

Naija Worldwide Charities cares about those in need, widows, elderly, battered women and their children, gang members, African immigrants. NWC collects financial and in-kind resources from individual supporters, corporations, the US government, and local governments to fund projects that support orphans and impoverished children. We welcome the donations of books, computers, medical supplies, automobiles, shoes, and clothing. Supporters can also volunteer in person or virtually their skills by helping on the board, fundraising, writing grants and other documents.

NWC plans to provide an array of community improvement services and capacity building in an effort to support those in need, such as orphaned and other vulnerable children, women, youths, to highlight complete and integrated services at the community level.

Community-based support can both facilitate the children to stay within their communities and enable us to support more children. Community caregivers frequently rely on their community network for support, which makes community based-care a necessity.