Naija Worldwide Charities (NWC) is a US-based 501(C)(3) tax-deductible charitable organization with a global platform in special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations since 2016.

Our Mission

To achieve the long term goals of community improvement, the mission of NWC is to work to increase awareness of issues facing the vulnerable populations and emphasize comprehensive and integrated programs at the community level and the empowerment of women and girls worldwide.

Our Values

  • We seek to educate and empower the world’s poor, especially the poorest, women and girls;
  • We hold ourselves and our partners accountable for transparency and measurable results, including social and financial performance;
  • We champion innovation that makes a difference in the lives of the poor;
  • We first seek to form partnerships with those who can advance our mission before acting alone;
  • We respect, invest in and promote local social entrepreneurs and local ownership;
  • We honor the voice, professionalism and integrity of our staff and volunteers.

Our Vision

At Naija Worldwide Charities, our vision is a community in which the basic needs of everyone are met irrespective of race, creed or religion. To achieve this we (provide access to education, healthcare, proper nutrition, safe homes, and protections to needy population).

At Naija Worldwide Charities, we are motivated by our belief that the key to the world’s growth and development lies in its women and girls who make up more than half of its population and should be nurtured in a safe, healthy environment to reach their full potentials.

At Naija Worldwide Charities, our programs educate both girls and boys and men, but we concentrate more on the empowerment and education of women and girls in Africa and around the world,  because when you educate a girl/woman, you empower a community, a nation, this creates the biggest impact. Educated women and girl are more likely to share this knowledge with their offspring, families, and communities. Another reason being that these women and girls may have a more difficult time to gain access to education than their male equals.

At Naija Worldwide Charities, we also, through the result of our research believe that a girl who is literate is less likely to become a child bride or die in labor, and her family will be healthier. She can be the breadwinner of her family and reduce the level of poverty by bringing home more money with every year of education she completes. When women have the opportunity to be educated, it improves the well-being of the whole community. These are some of the  reasons we concentrate on the empowerment and the development of women and girls. Our methods leave conventional approaches behind in favor of real-world solutions that make the most difference.