About Us

Who We Are

Naija Worldwide Charities is a charitable organization which strives to build a foundation of self-reliance and lasting solutions for issues affecting the vulnerable; women, the youths, poor orphans, worldwide but especially in the Continent of Africa.

What We Do

We raise funds to support members of our community in their time of need, and work towards a greater good. We are working tirelessly in our effort to feed the hungry and clothe the poor.

Our Vision

At Naija Worldwide Charities, our vision is a community in which the basic needs of everyone are met irrespective of race, creed or religion. To achieve this we provide access to education, healthcare, proper nutrition, safe homes, and protections to needy populations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be to change the lives of the under-privileged people around the world through proper education, increasing awareness of issues facing the vulnerable populations and emphasizing comprehensive and integrated programs at the community level and the empowerment of women worldwide.

Our Values

NWC embraces and draws inspiration from our rich charitable heritage. Our core values are:

  • To educate and empower the world's poor, especially the poorest orphans, OVC, women
  • To be accountable for transparency and measurable results, including social and financial performance
  • To champion innovation that makes a difference in the lives of the poor
  • To form partnerships with those who can advance our mission before acting alone
  • To promote local social entrepreneurs and local ownership; and
  • To honor the voice, professionalism and integrity of our staff and volunteers

Naija Worldwide Charities has developed a holistic, multi-pronged approach to help children in the developing world gain the lifelong gift of education through four core programs

Our services and activities covers the Africa and the USA. We offer humanitarian services, such as during natural disasters, working with disadvantaged, homeless, victims of domestic and gang related violence as well as more.

We envision a day when everyone can have the education they deserve. How far will you go?

Where We Work

We work throughout Africa and also the United States. Follow our work and see what we do.